Our projects

Assortment of liquid wallpaper on the wall

Palm tree in children room

Exotic drawing with black cotton plaster Vottak

Drying process of orange cotton covering Vottak

Ladies in the corridor

Decorative cotton walls with stone design in the corridor

Tree drawing with cotton wall coating

Tree drawing the living room wall

Children pictures on the wall

Two dolphins

Black and white dolphin drawing with Vottak

Corridor drying after applying Vottak

Cat with black cotton plaster Vottak

Cat drawing with cotton plaster

Cat & Mice children drawing

DIY decorative panels with cotton walls

Colors of cotton wall covering Vottak

Interesting decorative pattern on the corridor wall

Multicolors renovation

Ceiling with cotton coating Vottak

Cotton plaster drawing with the picture frame

Preparation for cotton wall applying

Simple decorative pattern

Tree drawing sample for children room

Lady in the room

Nature drawing on the wall

White cotton coating in the corridor

Walls preparation before applying

Tropical palms for romantic living room with Vottak

Decorative pattern for living room

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