100 % Cotton liquid wallpaper (Cotton wall and ceiling covering) "Vottak!" produced by Decomir (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has successfully presented in building materials market more than 16 years!

Our experience helps us to provide a full range of services, from design and manufacturing of new types of wall coating to home delivery anywhere in the world. Our services:

  • Production of Cotton liquid Wallpaper/Cotton wall coating/Cotton wall covering
  • Wholesale and retail; sale through the online store for home delivery worldwide
  • OEM production
  • Services on drawing pictures with liquid wallpaper on wall surface, creating a panel applications

100% ecological cotton cover "Vottak!" is the perfect solution to any renovation. We live and work in the buildings, and whether we know what danger is in our walls? Studies have shown that if we do not create natural "breathing" walls in our area can be up to 1,500 harmful chemicals! All this leads to the development of allergies, colds and skin diseases!

Did you know that a high concentration tributitina dioxide found in every fourth roll vinyl wallpaper! Proven fact: Vinyl wallpaper is not recommended for use in children's rooms, bedrooms, and rooms where a person spends most of the time. Why jeopardize the health of your loved ones? Only natural cotton as a natural clothing will allow your walls to breathe, and help you stay healthy, create and to enjoy the air in a safe room!

vottak-cotton-wall-bagLiquid wallpaper wall coating "Vottak" consist of 100% cotton. Like any cotton clothing they do not collect dust (unlike synthetic wallpapers) and do not cause allergies and irritations. The mixture was prepared in the ordinary clean water. When applying wallpaper no need to use masks or gloves, need only simple tools in the form of a roller or trowel.

Our cotton coating "Vottak!" will serve as an excellent alternative to rolled wallpaper, wall panels and paints (which are not environmentally friendly in the house). It does not require perfectly flat wall surfaces and matching of exact wallpaper pictures. And angles - we are not afraid of them! We are adaptable to even the most uneven surfaces and concrete walls.

Decorative cotton covering "Vottak!" help implement any design fantasies and rally all of your family and have fun. Liquid wallpaper not only transform the appereance of your child's room, but make it absolutely individual with the image of favorite fairy tale characters: butterflies, princesses, flower etc. And remember, home renovation with cotton wall coating is safe even for children - it's a family fun, don't deprive it from yourself!