Pour the contents of the package into a plastic container of minimum 15 Liters and carefully mix the contents by hand. Add clean room temperature water (25-35 °С). Don’t use a drill mixer or any other mechanical mixer. To keep original textures always mix by hand only.

Approximate amount of water needed for 1 BAG (1 kg of cotton plaster):

  • 8 to 9 liters of water (if you are using palette-knife trough or roller for making wall covering) 10 to 11 liters of water (if you use Industrial spray gun for making wall covering).
  • DO NOT add the full amount of water at once! First add about 5 liter/bag, mixing it thoroughly. If the mix seems too heavy and thick, add more water gradually in 1/2 to 1.0 liter amounts, constantly mixing all the time, till a well balanced mix is achieved. Let mix stand for 5 minutes to 2 hours (depending on the water and room temperature) to obtain the best result of the glue dissolving in the mix and setting in completely. In you use cold water for mixing with the cotton wall plaster, let it stand up to 2 hours. It is not recommended to keep mixed Plaster for more than 7 days from the day of adding water and the container MUST be sealed with moist towel.


Spread the paste onto the area to be applied by hand. Start with a small area. Using plastic or rustproof palette knife, level the mix over the wall to a thickness of 1mm to 2 mm evenly, using slight pressure. Once surface is level, use a sponge roller with holes to roll over the surface to give it a natural look when fully dry. If the surface is too dry, sprinkle some water on the roller. Do not press too hard as it may cause the surface to become uneven.


You can also use a spiked roller to apply the cotton plasters on the walls. The thickness of the spikes should not be more  than 3-4 mm, otherwise will be difficult to roll over the surface to achieve  desired even thickness. We recommend only the spiked rollers when the fibers are grouped in little knots with the diameter 0,5-0,7 mm. This will give the finished wall plaster a Textured look.


If you are using a spray gun for the wall covering, control the spraying according to the spray machine instructions. We recommend the spray gun with the diameter of nozzle 8-10 mm, and pressure of approx 4.00 atmospheric pressure. To make surface even after spraying, smooth the surface by a spiked roller with very light pressure.

The finishing wall covering will dry completely in about 24 hrs to 72 hrs, depending on the humidity of your walls and surrounding area.

The surface with the cotton wall covering is easy to clean and repair. For slight dirt spots, simply wipe with a moist cleaning cloth. For heavy dirt spots, for instance from the imprints of the back of the chair or sofa, apply sufficient warm water by a sponge to the dirty surface, remove the old layer using a palette knife. After repair area is semi dry, apply a new layer of the wall plaster over the scrapped off area by following the previous instructions.

To create a finished wall covering surface which is water resistant, we recommend to add 1 or more layers of Clear Lacquer over the cotton walls after it is completely dry. Use Matt finish to keep the original color.