Applying cotton liquid wallpaper (cotton wall coat) "Vottak!" is very easy, even with no experience if you properly prepare the surface of your walls. Cotton wall plaster can be applied on fiber cement board, wood, concrete, cement screed, bricks, plasterboard (drywall) and even rough ceramic! It's better that the surface is not very smooth and has a slight roughness. This roughness can be created by adding a bit of fine sand to a primer.

The wall preparation involves the following steps:

  • The surface (concrete, plaster, drywall, and so on) must be free of dust, oil, varnish, resins, rust, water-soluble paint, wallpaper residues, bronze rolling, traces of water leaks and etc. You should pay special attention to metal protrusions (nails, fittings). If these metal places are not properly primed, it could cause the appearance of yellow or whitish spots on the fresh covering.
  • To create a waterproof film between the contaminated surface and a layer of decorative coating surface it must be treated and primed with a colorless primer. For these purposes its suitable to use oil-based white paints. If you missed some spots during wall preparation and after drying on the wall you notice some spots, then soak with water this place, remove it with a spatula, carefully prime the surface, dry it for some hours and re-apply decorative cotton coating.

fix-wall-defect-vottak            applying-wallpaper-on-the-spot             white-wall-fix-defect


  • The place with past water leakage must be treated with oil-based paint or vitriol as on the untreated surface may appear rusty spots.

After the primer dries, it can be assumed that the properly prepared walls are ready for applying cotton wall coating.