Decorative wall cotton covering "VOTAK!"
  • 100% COTTON
  • FAST&EASY redecoration of your walls and ceilings 
  • cold proof feathers
  • ensure sound proof
  • ecological breathing material
  • seamless
  • possible to smooth rough surfaces

Decorative interior coating "VOTAK! is a plaster made of 100 % cotton  which is needed to mix with water, consists of natural mineral components like micra and other decorative additions like glitter.

The wide variety of wall coating's colors ensures the universal usage in any king of buildings. Lights colors are very ideal for small size apartmens, bright colors can help to make the big halls look grand and ceremonial, classical white color will create official atmosphere in your office. It's very interesting to make experiments with the colors.

It's very easy to put decorative wall covering"VOTAK! on the wall -everybody can do it, our plaster fill up any kind of rough surface, creating beautiful seamless colorful layer.

Cotton wall covering "VOTAK! is ideal for new building. If your house is brand new, in a while it's inevitably you can face shinking of it. In that case paper wall paper come off from form the wall in some places and make you upset, in painting walls and ceiling you can face cracks. Nothing will happen with our decorative interior plaster "VOTAK! owing to it's elasticity, and even after many years after house-warming you can enjoy the same view of  brand new decorative plaster.

The very important feature of cotton coverings "VOTAK! is it's ecological cleanliness. Nothing can be better than cotton clothing, nothing can be compared with 100 % cotton. Wall coverings "VOTAK! - the clothing for your walls and ceilings. The walls as if breathing, it's a pleasure to touch it.

The microstructure of our decorative plaster provide your home the ideal warm keeping and sound proof features. Even if the temperature outside is below 0, your walls still very warm by touch.

Wall coatings  "VOTAK! is a mass product providing high quality solution for redecoration of walls and ceilings and has reasonable price, everybody can afford it!

Yon don't need to clean it, if you see some dirty spot, just use usual elastic.